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Thoughts and reflections

Learning with Digital Media

Last week I attended the 5th Conference on “Digital Media – Analogue Reality”, a conference series organised by the Federal Insitute for Vocational Education and Training, this time in collaboration with the largest German supermarket corporation EDEKA. This 5th edition focused on learning and teaching environments in commercial occupations. A lot of good ideas from both businesses and vocational schools attracted my attention. However, as shown by the following critical but constructive reflections, there is still much to be done.

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A short report of a long journey

In the end of September / beginning of October I visited several universities in Australia and New Zealand. My main objective was to finally get a long planned research project with my colleague Matt Bower at Macquarie University’s School of Education up and running. Luckily Macquarie University is one of the strategic partners of Universität Hamburg, which turned out to be an advantage when it came to financing questions.

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