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Doctorate and First Joint Postdoc-Position

Anja Augsdörfer has submitted her cumulative dissertation entitled “Promoting the Situation-Specific Lesson Planning and Coaching Skills of Prospective Teachers and Mentors in Vocational Education: a Video-Based Intervention Study” and passed her oral defense with high distinction on 28. February 2019 under my supervision. She has thus been the first doctoral candidate from the state-funded project “Professional teachers’ actions to promote subject-based learning under changing social conditions (ProfaLe)” to complete her doctorate and will start the first ever Joint Postdoc-Position at Universität Hamburg and Macquarie University on 01. April 2019.

Anja made the necessary contacts during a short research stay at Macquarie University in the course of her doctoral project and decided to move back to Australia to work on a project focusing on “Computational Thinking Pedagogies” together with Associate Professor Matt Bower. The Joint Postdoc position has been newly created under the umbrella of the strategic partnership between Hamburg and Macquarie for this purpose.

Congratulations, Anja!

We wish you all the best for your stay in Sydney and look forward to welcoming you back in Hamburg!

A short report of a long journey

In the end of September / beginning of October I visited several universities in Australia and New Zealand. My main objective was to finally get a long planned research project with my colleague Matt Bower at Macquarie University’s School of Education up and running. Luckily Macquarie University is one of the strategic partners of Universität Hamburg, which turned out to be an advantage when it came to financing questions.

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