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Coding Scheme Time on Task is ready!

Our coding scheme for video-analysis of learning time (time on task) is now ready, tested and available for free download:

German version (pdf): Siemon et al. 2015_Kodiermanual Lernzeitnutzung v2

English version (pdf):Siemon et al. 2015_Coding Manual Time on Task v2

Please cite as:

German version:

Siemon, J., Scholkmann, A., Boom, K.-D., & Knigge, M. (2016, Juni 27). Kodiermanual Lernzeitnutzung (Time on Task). Zur Analyse von Schülerverhalten anhand von Videodaten.

English version:

Please cite as: Siemon, J., Scholkmann, A., Boom, K. D. & Knigge, M. (2016). Time on Task Coding Scheme for Student Learning Behaviour in Videos. Universität Hamburg: Institute for Business and Vocational Education (to be requested through the authors).